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Honey Body Bath

Honey Body Bath

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• Argansus latest honey aroma extract fragrance inspiration combines two of her favorite notes to create a unique interpretation all her own . The soft sensuality of Argan oil blends effortlessly with the warm comfort of honey scent to create a fragrance of feminine elegance and sophistication .

• The effect is an intimate personal fragrance that is rich ,yet discreet this one wraps itself around you and make you feel completely homely &Indulge your self in honey body bath and nourish your body with this combination created by argansus just for you .

•  Surround your senses with luxurious honey body bath that leaves your skin smooth as silk thes strong scent of honey blend with and argan oil ,derivative s gently cleanse the skin without drying or stripping it of its natural organic oils.

Directions for use : pour onto washcloth and gently lather onto skin before rinsing , follow up with your body frosted honey cream.


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