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Face serum 24kgold argan oil

Face serum 24kgold argan oil

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24kgold argan oil serum blend power

   Face serum



Argansus bio skin care brought these ingredient blend  together through extensive research in all corners of the words

Argansus bio skin care explored the methods different cultures use to help slow  the signs of aging while also making the skin more healthier and glowing

The mix blend between 24kpure gold and argan oil it s fix cosmetic to penetrated deep into the  skin to result in visible , long term benefits

Argansus want to make sure that any product line was associated with very high quality ingredient product that was effective and could trust from our client .


How to use : pump 2-3drops in your damp hand and massage your face and  hair in with oil leave in


Same method for face than you follow up your quotidian skin care


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