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Argansus LLC

Amber & Oud Body Lotion

Amber & Oud Body Lotion

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 Amber & Oud Body Lotion inspired by the sweet fresh scent of the Amber and oud by argansus introduces a new scent to her glamours gourmand collection line of body and bath, the indulgent Essence of pure Oud mingle with a dewy amber and citrus and sensuous ylang-ylang to create a rich luxurious scent unlike any other.

The smooth, creamy notes have a soft sweetness, discover all the delights of new fresh Oud Amber today.

This luxurious body lotion offers skin moisture balance and silky for skin that loves to be pampered in this luscious body lotion. 

Argansus body lotion is nutrient-rich ingredients hight with essential fatty acids and vitamin support collagen and add softness and elasticity to the skin and feeling fresh with the aromatic essentials oil of woody long lasting scent

How To Use: Rub the small amount of the body lotion in your body skin after bath


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