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Scrub to prepare your skin for tanning with ARGANSUS Pre Tan Scrub

Scrub to cleanse the skin before applying self-tanning, body exfoliation before sunburning, as well as to prepare for anti-cellulite and body treatments.
Soft particles do not injure the skin, the composition of the scrub moisturizes, rather than overdries the skin. A pleasant light orange scent creates a mood and leaves a pleasant freshness sensation. The tan after exfoliation with this scrub will be longer and more even, since the exfoliating cells will already be removed from the skin surface.
Apply the scrub to damp skin, using the peeling seal, massage movements. Rinse liberally with a shower.
Before applying self-tanner: Apply self-tanning after no earlier than two hours. This time must be sustained in order to allow the epidermis to peel off and to close the pores. It is ideal to use the scrub in the evening before going to bed, OR BEFORE SUN EXPOSURE and apply THE SELF TANING AFTER YOU EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN.

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