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Argansus Curcuma Enerizing Face Mask

Argansus Curcuma Enerizing Face Mask

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Argansus bio skin care offer all natural remedies skin care formulated with herbs and pure essential oil , based in argan oil

The power turmeric skin face detox blend created by argansus team chemistry.

Based in turmeric and camomile and safran u To Detoxifying your skin and give brighten 

This power detox is contained pure natural ingredients from the mother of nature , to help reduce acne , minimize pores, fights off signs anti- aging.

Moisture and reduce friction and full of vitamin B& C , antioxidizing ingredients draw out toxins from the skin and remove dead cells . 

For all skin type. 

What it ´s good for

Visibly brightens dull 

Give skin instant facial to help energize skin and leave it looking radiant 

How to use  - Apply layer of curcuma mask on your face u In clean skin allow the mask to dry for 10-15 min then rinse out


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